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Dr. Erin Gardner

About Dr. Gardner

After earning his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Missouri and his Doctor of Medicine from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Tennessee, Dr. Erin Gardner received several years of focused training at institutions such as Duke University’s Division of Dermatology in North Carolina and The Methodist Hospital/DermSurgery Associates in Texas. Dr. Gardner specializes in the field of dermatologic surgery, primarily in the treatment of skin cancer.

With an emphasis on Mohs micrographic surgery, a dermatologic procedure using microscopy to ensure the precise removal of cancer cells, Dr. Gardner dedicates himself to diagnosing and treating skin cancer and various dermal maladies at his practice, Dermatology Specialists of St. Louis.

Dr. Erin Gardner is not only an acclaimed surgeon, but also an active participant in his profession as well as his community. As a member of several dermatologic organizations--such as the American College of Mohs Surgery, the American Academy of Dermatology, and the Missouri Dermatological Society--Dr. Gardner maintains a close watch on the developments and advancements in his field. In addition to holding membership in various professional organizations, Dr. Erin Gardner belongs to the alumni associations of the universities where he trained.

As a supporter of many charities and community events, Dr. Erin Gardner contributes to local organizations such as the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and Central Presbyterian Church. Additionally, he is an enthusiastic advocate for nature preservation and sponsors organizations dedicated to conservation and environmental awareness, such as the Nature Conservatory, the Missouri Conservation Federation, Forest Park Forever, and the Missouri Botanical Gardens Heritage Foundation.


In his leisure time, Dr. Erin Gardner enjoys running, reading, and mountain climbing, as well as spending quality time with close friends and family. He currently lives in Missouri with his wife and daughters.
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